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Adrien Thibert

I come from Belgium and i’m in India for my studies. I felt stressed for my exams and I wasn’t able to sleep properly for 3 days so I decided to start Yoga and hypnosis.
When I woke up from my hypnosis, I felt totally relax and without tension. I felt so good after 3 stressing days that I decided to start yoga every day.
Thanks to the advice and the support of my yoga teacher, I have no trouble to sleep anymore and have more energy in general. I feel better. I definitely recommend him for yoga or hypnosis.

Dr Pratiksha

Dr Prathiksha Prabhudessai

I stay in Bulgaria and am a Ayurvedic doctor, i took online classes from sir, he teaches very well and has got vast knowledge in the field of yoga, Anatomy, Psychology, Reiki and Hypnotism.

I learnt minute techniques to perform the asanas from sir.


Mishri Das

Veer Bahadur School of Yoga at Bangalore provides excellent coaching for aspirants for passing yoga certification exams both level I and II. It conducts theory and practical sessions suitable for the exam. Besides, it trains the candidates to perform well in the exam by conducting sessions giving exam like environment. All activities are done under qualified experts in the field. I have participated in three workshops of the school , passed level I exam and level II exam held in last July 2018 —-Mishri Das , retired banker, Bangalore



I joined my daughter Deepa Dhakshin for the sir’s class, one day I listened his class, then I joined his class. I learned so much that i didn’t learn in these years, I’m from Tamil Nadu

Sir has got huge experience. Lot of traditional and ancient knowledge he knows. 



I and my father are the students of vishwa sree sir from palani, Tamil Nadu, he teaches very well and has got vast knowledge of yoga, and many more traditional techniques.


Bharbi Dam

Hi, I’m bharbi from Kolkata, wanted to learn yoga from a proper teacher, but couldn’t get anywhere, at last I met sir, and he is a perfect yoga guru. I learnt many things from him and he teaching methodology is very nice. He is well versed in psychology and Anatomy. His Anatomy Explanation is very good.

I’m going to learn Reiki and Hypnotism from sir

Anita Lalchandani

Yoga instructor from Delhi, Completed Diploma, certificate in yoga. vishwa sree yadla has good knowledge in yoga, i learnt many concepts in yoga. 

He is expert in yoga, psychology, Anatomy, Reiki and Hypnotism. I’m very great full to him for being my mentor.

He is a great mentor

Luxmi Singh

Hi, I’m Luxmi Singh, called as Crusher Luxmi. i’m yoga teacher and wanted to learn yoga, then i met vishwa sree sir, his teaching skills are so good that any laymen can also understand.

Deepak Kumar

I’m Deepak Kumar from faridabad and am PhD scholar, and joined sir’s class for the certification in yoga. the way he thought me it was mind blowing and fantastic.


Namaste, I’m prakash a yoga teacher, in 2018 i joined him as a student in veer bahadhur school of yoga, I’m fan of him because he has vast knowledge in the field of yoga and spiritual concept.
I would like to thank him for being my guru.

Guru Brahma

Usha Rani

Namste, I’m usha and a Art of Living disciple and teacher, I joined veer Bahadhur School of yoga for yoga training, they thought me properly in a simple and effective way, and I implement them in my teaching.


Shivaprasad P A

I took classes from sir in 2017, sir thought me very well for QCI Level 2 certification. Now i opened my institute and started teaching.


Very good explanation by sir and i wanted the class in telugu, so sir thought me in telugu and the class was very good.


Ambili Sudharsanan

I’m from Saudi Arabia,

Very good explanation by sir and the class was very good. I had classes from sir in 2019. After learning from sir now I take yoga classes.

diksha ware

Diksha Ware

Hi, I’m Diksha ware, i learnt yoga from sir. He thought me very well theory and practicals and the kriya, 1st time I did kriyas under the guidance of sir.
After watching my practice my other friends also joined the sir’s class.



Anita Lalchandani



Anita Lalchandani